Who is a Delegator?

Delegators are token holders who cannot, or do not want to run a validator node themselves.

Delegator's participates in validation without hosting a full node. But by staking with validators, they can earn reward and strengthen the network by paying a small commission fee(depends on Validator) to a validator of their choice.

They can delegate staking tokens to a validator and obtain a part of their rewards in exchange. Because they share rewards with their validators, delegators also share risks. Should a validator misbehave, each of their delegators will be partially slashed in proportion to their delegated stake. Delegators play a critical role in the system, as they are responsible for choosing validators.

  • Delegator calls stake function on delegationManager stake event is emitted. When staking you can pick to bond with any validator(provide validatorId in stake function) or just put 0 if you wish to delegate later.
  • When a delegator starts delegating to a validator bond event can be used to update the stake of a particular validator pool on Heimdall using the exchange rate.