Objectives of Stage 2 There will be several activities to be performed by validators in Stage 2. Validators will be encouraged to conduct attacks against the network - economic or based on bugs in the code. Reporting attacks without executing them but providing an overview of how to execute them will also be considered.

However, there are 3 major Objectives for Stage 2:

  • Network Attacks - This will include economic and based on bugs in the code. Below we have mentioned a list of example attacks that validator could execute.
  • Uptime - For running a successful network, running your node and maintaining a high uptime is of utmost importance. For Stage 2 this will be a major objective and reward criteria
  • Objective Tasks - There will be multiple minor tasks, not related to attacks. These tasks however optional, but in performing them will earn additional rewards

Network Attacks

Here is a list of example attacks that validators could execute:

Note that this is list is only an example to guide you in order to conduct attacks on the Network. There maybe more attacks that you can execute, however, they will be evaluated by the Matic Team on account of submission. The severity will also be determined after evaluation.

Reporting Attacks/Bugs

Whenever you have executed an attack successfully, it would important to report it in order to claim responsibility. You can report your bugs on this portal:

In order to be in contention for a reward, you must need to submit proof of your attack/bug

Attacks and Bugs will be categorized mainly in 4 categories:

Evaulation Criteria

Each category holds a different reward value against it. The evaluation of all the bugs/attacks reported be done by the Matic Team. All evaluation once done will be final.


The total reward pool for Counter Stake Stage 2 is upto $250,000 in Matic Tokens. As mentioned earlier, the bounties for each severity is also different.

Reporting bugs will be only First-come-first-serve conditions - if 2 people submit the same bug, then the first will be given preference (assuming the first reported bug was correct). This again will be a the discretion of the Matic Team.

Reporting Attacks (When not executed)

This is also important to note to all the validators that if they can report an attack without executing it, by formally structuring it into a document will also be considered. The document will be evaluated by the Matic Team and the verdict will be given by the Matic Team only. Also, the severity of the attack will be determined by the Matic Team (if not already determined before)


As mentioned earlier, maintaining a node with High Uptime will be one of the major objectives of Counter Stake - Stage 2

Payout Criteria

After the completion of Stage 2, node uptime will be taken. If there are multiple testnets for Stage 2 then an aggregated value across all testnets will be taken in consideration. Node downtime because of attacks or node upgrades will be disregarded.

Objective Tasks

Sentry Nodes

The Sentry Node Architecture is an infrastructure example for DDoS mitigation on validator nodes

Setting up a Sentry Node as a validator for Stage 2 will have additional rewards (Mentioned above in the uptime bounty table)


The Governance of Matic network is a significant module where Validators can submit proposals to the network and other validator can vote on it. For example, "Proposal to change validator reward payout" and when the proposal is it will automatically changes the params in Heimdall.

DDoS Attack by us

This will be an attack that will be conducted by the Matic Team, where we will be sending transactions at a high rate to stress test if the network will be able to withstand the attack. The objective of this attack is to determine if validators nodes are capable of withstanding such an attack, and the ones that do so will earn rewards.

Monitoring Tools

Setting up a monitoring tool like Grafana will have earn you more rewards. In order to setup grafana dashboard you can follow the instructions from this link:

Mentor Program

Mentoring other validators in the community, helping them with issues will also be a condition for earning more rewards. This again will be evaluated by the Matic Team and validators will be selected based on the Matic Team's evaluation.

Network Vigilance

Reporting malicious activity (activity that other validators could be doing) to the community, will be rewarded. This will be evaluated by the Matic Team.