Counter Stake

Counter Stake will be conducted in 3 stages - stages 0, 1 and 2:

Stage 0 – Setup

We want all validators to run the Validator and Block Producer nodes, keep them synced with the given testnet, understand the network, try deploying your own testnet and experiment with the code.

Date: Nov-Dec 2019 Status: Completed

Stage 1 – Stake on the Beach

Date: (Feb - Apr 2020) Status: Completed

We’ll release the staking contract details for everyone here. The aim is that we gradually release incremental features of the Validator nodes. We begin with staking – accepting participants to be in the active validator set. This will be followed by unlocking rewards, penalties and replacement strategies progressively. All rules, conditions and evaluation details will be provided before the stage commences. We will let you know to post the evaluation and testing of the internal testnet network which we will be running in parallel with Stage 0 – in terms of what problems occur, if any, and accounting for bug resolution time and refactoring. We thank you for your patience so far and want you to know that the only reason we do not want to hurry is to minimize issues while running the event.

Stage 2 – The Grand Staking League

Date: April Status: Ongoing

Stage 2 is the final and last stage of Counter Stake, Matic's incentivized testnet staking program. This is the stage where we will encourage validators and the community to perform "Attacks" and "Break the system" notions. In order to know about Stage 2, you can join our discord channel for more details:

You should not stake your Mainnet Matic tokens as Counter Stake - Stage 2 is a testnet program. In order to stake on the testnet, please contact Matic Team on the discord server. If you do not have test staking tokens you should not initiate the process to setup your node.

Jump to the Essentials

The following list will give you a headstart to know more about Matic

Reward program details

Understand the different objectives and activities that are aligned for Counter Stake - Stage 2. There are Objective and Subjective tasks and each of them include a different bounty to it. We have writted a detailed post about all the rewards that are applicable for Stage 2.


What is Matic?

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

You can dive into the details with this link.


In order to perform attacks (correctly) we would encourage Validators and community members to understand Matic's Architecture and Code thoroughly. Without the thorough understanding of Core Components such as Heimdall and Bor, it would be difficult to perform attacks correctly on the network.

Please refer this link for more details.


In order to understand the granular information about core components such as Heimdall, Bor and Contracts you can head over to the link below. This will not only help you understand how Matic works under-the-hood but also help you to execute attacks correctly

You can navigate to the specs with these links:


Codebase of Matic to understand the granular interaction of how Matic's core components work.

Where to report bugs?

If you encounters any bugs/issues, or you want to report attacks that you have executed successfully you can report it using this link.