Proposers & Producers Selections

Ratio of Stake specifies the probability to be selected as a member of block producer's committee.

Selection Process

  • Let's suppose we have 3 validators in pool, and they are Alice, Bill and Clara.
  • Alice staked 100 Matic tokens whereas Bill and Clara staked 40 Matic tokens.
  • Validators are given slots according to the stake, as Alice has 100 Matic tokens staked, and per slot cost is 10 (maintained by validator's governance), Alice will get 5 slots in total. Similarly, Bill and Clara get 2 slots in total.
  • All the validators are given these slots [ A, A, A, A, A, B, B, C, C ]
  • Using the historical ethereum blocks as seed we shuffle this array.
  • After shuffling the slots using the seed we get this array [ A, B, A, A, C, B, A, A, C]
  • Now depending on Producer count(maintained by validator's governance), we pop validators from the top, for eg if we want to select 5 producers we get the producer set as [ A, B, A, A, C]
  • Hence the producer set for the next span is defined as [ A: 3, B:1, C:1 ].
  • Using this validator set and tendermint's proposer selection algorithm we choose a producer for every sprint on BOR.


  • Dynasty: Time between the end of last auction and start time of next auction.
  • Sprint: Time interval for which the Block Producers committee is Selected.
  • Span: Number of Blocks Produced by a single producer.