For Matic Network, any participant can be qualified to became a Matic's validator by running a full-node. The primary incentive to run a full node for validators is to earn Rewards and Transaction fee. Validator participating in consensus for Matic incentivise to participate as they receives block rewards and transaction fee.

As Validators slots are limited for network, the process to get selected as one is to participate in on-chain auction process which happens at regular intervals as defined here.

Validator's has two addresses:

  1. owner address: This address is from which validator can handle admin related functionalities like un-stake, take rewards, set delegation params.
  2. signer address : This address is from which validator signs checkpoints and runs the node.


If the slot is open, then the auction is started to interested validators:

  • Where they will bid more than the last bid made for the slot.
  • The Process of Participating in Auction is outlined here:
    • Auction are automatically started once the slot is opened.
    • To start participating in auction, Call startAuction()
    • This will lock your assets in Stack Manager.
    • If another potential validator stakes more than your stake then locked tokens will be returned back to you.
    • Again, Stake more to win this Auction.
  • At the end of the auction period, The highest bidder wins and becomes a Validator on Matic's Network.

Please keep full node running if your are participating in auction to avoid Slashing of stake due to inactive Node as a validator.

To process of a becoming a validator after the highest bidder won the slot is here:

  • Call confirmAuction() to confirm your participation.
  • Bridge on heimdall listens to this event and broadcasts to heimdall
  • After consensus Validator is added to heimdall but not activated.
  • Validator starts validating only after StartEpoch (defined here)
  • As soon as startEpoch reaches the validator is added to validator-set and starts participating in the consensus mech.

To ensure security for validators stake, we recommend validators to provide different signer address from which verification of checkPoint sigs will be handled. This is to keep signing key separate from validator's wallet key so that funds are protected in case of node hack.


Unstaking allows validator to be out of active pool of validators. But to ensure Good Participation stake is locked for 80 checkpoints approx 10 days.

  • When validator wants to exit from system and stop validating blocks and submitting checkpoints she can unstake.
  • This action is immediate as of now.
  • After this action validator is considered out of active set of validators.


  • Validators can add more stake into their amount in order to earn more rewards and be competitive for their validator place.
  • Maintain your position